At Rise we love coming up with merchandise ideas. The promotional giveaway can play such an important role in a marketing campaign, it can make your brand stronger, it rewards your existing customers and staff and also works as a great tool to entice new customers. We work with suppliers and manufacturers across the world, allowing us the ability to source and deliver all your promotional merchandise.

New Promotional Merchandise for Astro Communications

promotional pens

Promotional Merchandise Stylish promotional pens and promotional water bottles for our client Astro Communications.  Pens and water bottles seem to be very on trend at the moment.    We also have a new manufacturer of pens who have a great range of environmentally friendly options.  The water bottles are BPA free and come in a…

Promotional Reusuable Water Bottles

promotional reusable water bottles

Promotional Reusable Water Bottles made to last! Last year we counted up how many plastic bottles we were consuming each month and were horrified at the result.  This led us to think of an alternative, such as reusable water bottles, which would not only help make a difference to the planet, but would be stylish…

What is the most popular promotional gift?

branded promotional products

Everyone loves a free promotional gift but make sure it’s useful! We love helping our client’s with all aspects of their marketing strategy.  One form of marketing is the branded promotional gift and we’re often asked to come up with ideas and source items for new and existing clients. Infact according to the BPMA (Promotional…