Born Anxious a clothing label set to help children and adults with Autism


Clothing label helping children and adults with Autism.

We were approached by Kellie Barker, owner of clothing label Born Anxious back in April to see if we could help generate some PR for her new clothing label which helps children and adults with autism.  Six months on and Born Anxious is growing daily and has become not just the go to place to buy comfortable clothing for children and adults, but it has also gained a new Ambassador and continues to build postitive relationships with major influencers in the autism world.

It has been a great experience working with Kellie and learning more about autism and the incredible talent she has in helping other people. Being a PR Agency in Kent, we are very local to Kellie which has made media training and media interviews incredibly easy.  During the past few months Kellie has appeared in numerous media including; print, broadcast and online.  These include:  live interview on KMTV, KMFM, live radio interview with Eammon Holmes on Talk Radio, BBC South East News, Sun Online, The Metro, News Hook India, Uber Euro podcast.  Pick Me Up Magazine (Aug 19), double page feature on Born Anxious.

Dr Anna Kennedy OBE, founder of the UK Autism Anna Kennedy Online charity, joined Born Anxious as an Ambassador in September. Anna is dedicated to promoting the inclusion and equality of children and adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder throughout society.  This is an exciting new relationship and Born Anxious will be providing t-shirts for the Autism’s Got Talent event in October and will be a sponsor for the forthcoming Autism Hero Awards which takes place on Saturday 7th November!

Kellie is probably the most energetic of all of our clients, we are enjoying watching her flourish and also love being part of her journey!  Here’s a little bit more about this amazing girl!

Kellie Barker founder of Born Anxious

Kellie Barker lives in Herne Bay, Kent and is a mother to three children and her youngest child Oscar suffers from autism. At 18 months old Oscar was given the diagnosis of autism, global delay and absence epilepsy.  Now five, Oscar faces many difficulties, one of which is wearing clothes with uncomfortable labels sewn into the seams, which causes discomfort and also itching.

Following Oscar’s diagnosis, Kellie grew more familiar with children and adults who have disabilities and autism and noticed they all have their very own traits and needs, just like Oscar. This gave her the inspiration to set up Born Anxious and what she could do for children, parents, and caregivers to make life just a little bit easier. Her  two main objectives, which were to make clothes as comfortable as possible, whilst also remaining planet friendly and to hold important information that will aim to help not only the child, but also the caregiver

Oscar is also pre-verbal and can display unpredictable behaviours and reactions to the world surrounding him, which becomes difficult within a community that may not understand that he needs a wider birth than others. Kellie’s clothing ranges come with messages printed on the clothing such as: “BEE KIND, I HAVE AUTISM”, “I’M ANXIOUS”,  “MY MUM’S WINGING IT”, “I DON’T LIKE LOUD NOISE”.  Bespoke messages, personal to the parent and child can also be printed on the clothing and accessory range.

As well as supporting Autism and special needs, Born Anxious is pleased and proud to be official supporters of Kent Portage Service, The Kent Autistic Trust and SNAAP, Kent based charities supporting people with special needs and their families.

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