Cycling to work is the way forward

Rise girls take delivery of the pool bikes!

It didn’t take long for Jo and Sarah to realise that cycling to work is the way forward, when they moved into their new offices in the Maidstone Business Terrace.  Living so close to the office, some days it seemed pointless getting cars out of the drive and then looking for somewhere to park in Maidstone.

So with the help of the lovely and patient Stewart from Community Cycleworks - who is delivering exciting cycling pilot schemes with businesses in Maidstone – he kindly lent the girls two of his pool bikes to see if he could convert them in to cycle to work fanatics.

November probably wasn’t the ideal month to start commuting but so far so good.  There seems to be a burst of energy in the Rise offices leading up to Christmas and the girls think this might have something to do with their new healthier lifestyle!

Jo said, “I have been pleasantly surprised by how easy and enjoyable cycling to and from work has been.  In fact, on a recent icy morning it would have taken me longer to de-ice my car than it took to cycle in”.

Meanwhile, Sarah who is already an accomplished cyclist (so she thinks!) and often rides out with leading cycling cafe in Kent, The Freewheel Pub, said, “With the winter months upon us I’m cycling less and less, but now with the arrival of the pool bikes I get to ride about 8 miles everyday which is great news”.

Onwards and upwards with the cycling, and as a leading PR Agency in Kent the next step is for the Rise girls to encourage their local council to become cycling friendly and help Stewart promote the benefits of cycling to a wider audience such as; GP practices, businesses and the local community.

GP’s helping patients get fit

Stewart from Community Cycleworks is passionate about helping the UK get fit and has an easy solution – get them on a bike!  It’s simple all you need is a bicycle and and a bit of encouragement from your local GP.  Cycle Healthy – Cycle Happy is a new initiative to help the community get fit by taking them on easy paced ride-outs around their local town.  Rides are designed for all abilities are sociable, short, enjoyable and led by an accomplished cycling trainer. From the pictures below it seems to be working as more and more patients are signing up weekly.



Sarah MacDonald and Jo Hage take delivery of their new pool bikes

Cycle Healthy – Cycle Happy – Community Cycleworks ride-outs in Maidstone

cycling to work IMG_0693