Fish Puns

Our favourite fish puns

We never get bored with finding an opportunaty to laugh, and there’s no better way to do this than find new fishy puns we can use during our National Fish and Chip Day campaign.

Here’s some of our favourite fish puns and if you fancy making us smile then please feel free to share some of yours with us via our social media streams.

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  • Cod I borrow you for five minutes?
  • Why do prisoners love fish… because its their guilty pleasure!
  • Oh my cod!
  • You need to put your heart and sole into this business or you know where the door is
  • Pass the plaice mats
  • I’m free any day barramundi
  • For gods sake don’t be so shellfish

…. and remember you don’t need to be a brain sturgeon to come up with a fish pun!

This year’s National Fish and Chip Day will take plaice on Fryday 4th June 2021