Jo had one job to do…!

In January 2018, Rise was delighted to be appointed as the PR Agency for the Kent School Games.  We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the dedicated team behind the Games, which were created to enable every school and child to participate in competitive sport, including meaningful opportunities for disabled youngsters.

One of the first events we attended were the finals of the Handball, Aquasplash and Multi-skills competitions at Medway Park.  I had one job to do that day – go along and interview the U15 Knole Academy team about their success in previous years and their expectations for this year now they have moved up an age group.  Little did I know then that Handball would find me, grab me, and not let me go!  After interviewing some of the Knole girls, I stayed to watch their first game, then couldn’t tear myself away.  I’d seen handball on TV but never live.  I watched Knole sail through to the semi finals and then the finals and I couldn’t leave until I’d seen them win!

I rushed home, fired up and excited about this fast-paced, physical team sport and immediately searched for a local club that might offer training for new players – at my age I should probably be taking up pilates or golf, not a sport where you end up in mid air, or on the ground, or being jostled by people significantly taller than you, than actually on your feet for large portions of the game!   But I’ve never been one for a sedentary life and when the Medway Falcons Handball Club replied to my enquiry straight away that was it – I was in!   Two days later I was at my first training session, three days later I’d bought a ball, and a mere four weeks after that a friendly match was arranged in Brighton,  I offered to go and be their cheerleader…. my fabulous team mates were having none of that and insisted the best way to learn was to play and that was that!  It was exhilarating and terrifying in equal measure but I had the Handball bug and the more I play, the more I love this incredible sport.

Imagine my delight when, at the Club’s first Award Ceremony this weekend, just 10 months after I started playing, I was awarded the Coach’s Player Award!  You can see how thrilled I was – the war paint was there after a day of paintballing fun with the team, it’s not normal Handball attire!

Being part of a team is so important and I’ve found that the team’s motto – Discipline – Determination – Dedication translates into my working life too.

Here’s to as many more years of Handball as my ageing body allows and feel free to come and join me at a training session to try this incredible sport out!

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