Our survey said….


As a communications agency, our company ethos centres around being approachable, friendly and empathetic; vital skills in our line of work, but particularly when it comes to gaining the trust of the public while conducting market research.

Since our formation in 2014 we have undertaken a variety of market research projects for Local Authorities, the University of Kent and founders of National Fish and Chip Day, NEODA.  Some were B2B, some were B2C, but all involved designing, testing, delivering and analysing surveys.

All were very different, but at the centre of them all was our ability to get the most from each survey by quickly building trust with the respondents, be they members of the public or businesses, so they were more open to participating in a meaningful way.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘There are lies, damn lies and statistics’, but in marketing, getting the right statistics will provide meaningful and important insights which can help shape future marketing plans for your product or service.  A well-structured survey can produce those statistics.  There is a real science to getting a survey right – questions have to be phrased well so they are clear and unambiguous, they have to flow to ensure respondents remain engaged throughout and, although this sounds like we are stating the obvious this can sometimes be forgotten in the process, they have to deliver the outcomes you need from the survey.

Once you have got your questions exactly right you need to calculate your desired sample size that will ensure meaningful results – there are online tools to help with this based on your population (the group you are targeting), confidence level and margin of error.

Of equal importance to the insight a good survey can deliver is the huge PR potential of having a robust set of results.  They can be turned into engaging, entertaining, interesting and even quirky content for the media.  Journalists LOVE a good survey, especially if you can create some eye-catching visuals from the results.

The power of some good solid market research statistics cannot be under-estimated, I mean, 8 out of 10 cats, a catch phrase coined by Whiskas in the 1980’s, has gone on to become one of the best loved panel shows on TV!

If you want to talk to us about whether a survey could benefit your business, drop us a line team@risecommunications.co.uk

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