Promotional Reusuable Water Bottles

Promotional Reusable Water Bottles made to last!

Last year we counted up how many plastic bottles we were consuming each month and were horrified at the result.  This led us to think of an alternative, such as reusable water bottles, which would not only help make a difference to the planet, but would be stylish and something we could use everyday. It also needed to be a promotional resusable water bottle.

We found a great manufacturer in the UK who could either print or engrave and had a good range of colours to choose from.  We source so many products for our clients that it was nice to produce something that shows our own branding for a change! We were delighted with the result and have just received our second batch, different colour, but we think they still look fab.

So, when you are looking for a new promotional gift try and be a little bit more creative, think of something that’s a bit different, something that will inspire and hopefully delighted your client and yourselves.


IMG_0958reusable bottles