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Roffen Club


The Roffen Club is more than just a health club. They engaged Rise to raise awareness of the club and boost membership numbers. One way of doing this through traditional PR – selling in stories to relevant media, arranging interviews and adding Roffen comment to special features in local media.

Social Buzzing with Roffen Club


The Roffen Club knew they needed to be doing more with their social media streams. Rise was engaged to overhaul their Twitter and Facebook pages and create LinkedIn and Google+ pages. As well as sourcing relevant items to publish on a daily basis on these streams, we engage in online conversation with relevant parties, add…

Successful competition PR for Roffen Club


Rise identified a synergy between the Roffen Club and No Smoking Day. We liaised with the Allen Carr organization and secured a one-to-one Easy Way to Stop Smoking session and 3 copies of the accompanying book to use as a competition prize. Launching the competition on the Health Club’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and via…